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Stereophile -- Jonathan Scull
"Lloyd also highly recommends the Highwire Power Wraps ($24.95) for fixed-wire components."

Positive Feedback -- Dave Clark
"Try the Highwire Audio AC Wraps. Developed by Don Palmer of Highwire Cables to suppress RFI while at the same time tuning stock captive power cords. This will elevate their performance to close to that of a specialty AC cord."

Positive Feedback -- Stu McCreary
"I am fortunate to have many tuning options in my system, such as movable Highwire Power Wraps."

CES 2004 - VMPS Audio
"So was there an improvement in my sound after wrapping a single AC cord with a single Power Wrap? Absolutely."

Kara Chaffee -- deHavilland Electric Amplifier Co
"These REALLY Work!"

The Projector Store
Noise in your projected image? "Install PowerWraps on your power cords to correct the problem."

Audio Asylum -- Inmate Review
"Power Wrap+Stock Wadia Cord blows away Elrod Signature Two."

Audio Asylum -- Inmate Review
"It is surprising how much better my Wadia 861 sounds with a couple of Power Wraps on an NBS cord. I gained a major improvement in sound-stage accuracy and tonal purity."

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