Power Wraps Installation and Tuning Instructions
Start with the front end components (e.g. CD player, CD transport, DAC, or Turntable). Unplug the component from its power source. The Power Wrap will be installed centered on the power cord. To find the center, fold the power cord or cable in half and line up the ends as shown.
Hold the center of the cord, pulling it away from the ends. That will help you find the true center.
You can also measure to find the center. Mark the center with tape or marker pen.
Start to twist the Power Wrap around the cord or cable as shown.
An easy way to install the Power Wrap is to hold one end of the coil with the cord and wind the cord through the coil.
Wind the cord through the coil as shown.
If you are installing only one Power Wrap on the cord, slide the Power Wrap so it is centered on the cable as shown. Then tape the ends of the coil to the cable to prevent the coil from moving out of position.
If you are installing only one Power Wrap, plug the power cord into the component and the AC source, and turn on the component. The basic installation is now complete, and you may skip down to the tuning section.

If you are putting two Power Wrap coils on the same cord, wind the second one onto the cord. The bent ends should face each other.
Slide the Power Wraps toward each other so that their ends are centered on the cord as shown.
Tape the ends of the coils to the cable to prevent the coils from moving out of position.
The basic installation of the coils is now complete. Plug the power cord into the component and the AC source, and turn on the component.
Power Wrap Tuning Instructions
Before tuning, we suggest that you break in your system for a day after the basic installation shown above. When tuning Power Wraps, we suggest that you use a wide band vocal recording.

To start tuning, move the Power Wrap back and forth by 1/16 to 1/8 inch at a time to get the most bass. The center of the location with the most bass is the electrical center of the cable. Use that point as the reference starting point for adjustment.
As the Power Wrap is moved closer to the electrical component, you will get more top end frequencies. Move the Power Wrap 1/16 to 1/8 inch at a time. Listen for top-to-bottom balance and good midrange. The optimum point is generally located within 1/2 inch of the center of the power cord.

When tuning two Power Wraps on the same power cord, move them as if they were a single unit.

  • When tuning, have a friend move the Power Wrap while you listen.
  • Complete the tuning on each component before you start another.
  • You can use Power Wraps on power cords, audio cables, or video cables.
  • For audio cables or separate left- and right-channel electronics, tune each Power Wrap separately in monaural with the other channel off.
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