Highwire Audio Power Wraps
Power Wrap

Power Wraps come in three sizes:
  - .375" diameter, 12-inch long Power Wrap
  - .56" diameter, 12-inch long Power Wrap
  - .328" diameter, 6-inch long All Clear
     (All Clears sold in pairs)

Imagine being able to reduce your system's noise floor easily and cost-effectively simply by sliding a coil up and down your power cords. Imagine being able to improve the depth and detail of your system with a versatile tweak that works on any component.

Power Wraps effectively absorb the noise and distortions caused by Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). RFI is conducted through AC power lines and is radiated from nearby electronic equipment. Whether conducted or radiated, RFI mixes with and degrades audio signals.

Power Wraps can eliminate the distortions caused by RFI, leaving a cleaner, quieter, and more detailed sound. Power Wraps improve depth and allow you to hear low-level ambient information.

Power Wraps are easy to install on your AC power cords, even non-detachable cords! Power Wraps also allow custom tuning just by moving the Power Wrap along the power cord.

Power Wraps are ideal for non-detachable power cords and non-shielded interconnects.
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